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Wild Glamping & Knuckles Mountain Hiking Trip

Day Tours

Daily Tours - 8 Days

Knuckles forest and authentic village trip

One of the most beautiful, vivid and serene landscapes in the world. Immerse oneself in a heavenly experience. Can appreciate the beauty of nature to the max.

Enjoy the luxury of undisturbed nature in the central highlands of the country. Knuckles mountain range is a famous hiking spot amongst the travel community in Sri Lanka. It was named Knuckles because the mountain range looks like a clenched fist. Its importance lies in its clear water, cloud forests, and unique flora and fauna. Famous dumbara ella and duwili ella located in the knuckles mountain range.

Terrain and What to Expect

The Knuckles Mountain Range offers a challenging yet rewarding hiking experience. With its unique terrains, that range from grasslands to dense forests, this destination is a hiker’s dream come true.