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Big Game Camping in Wilpattu National Park

Day Tours

Daily Tours - 8 Days

Camping in Wilpattu National park

That sounds like an exciting adventure! Willpathu National Park is known for its rich biodiversity and vast wilderness. A safari tour would allow you to explore the park and witness its diverse wildlife, including elephants, leopards, sloth bears, and numerous bird species.

The tour with a tented camp safari would provide a unique and immersive experience. You would stay in a comfortable tented camp, surrounded by nature, enhancing the feeling of being in the wild. This would allow you to fully connect with the natural surroundings and enjoy the serenity of the park.

Additionally, having a BBQ dinner would add a touch of authenticity to your adventure. It would be a great opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal under the starry sky, accompanied by the sounds of nature.

Overall, a Willpathu National Park safari tour with a tented camp safari and BBQ dinner is a fantastic way to experience the beauty and wildlife of the park while immersing yourself in nature.

Sanctuary & Secret Safari

All campsites are maintained as mini nature reserves that go deeper than homing wildlife; this is also a sanctuary for families with kids, couples, and wildlife enthusiasts looking for soulful magic and adventure in the wild, while on a budget. Enjoy a secret safari by simply sitting by your tent and getting better acquainted with everything from Giant Squirrels to Spotted Deer passing by. You might even have the best safari in Sri Lanka, without even trying!